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Devised in collaboration with contemporary theatre makers, The Danger Ensemble, this incantation of The Wizard of Oz is a warped fairytale for the modern age.

In her tin caravan, walled by Wizard of Oz memorabilia, Judy G. waits. A cyclone is gathering speed over her flyspeck rural town, and she's ready. She's got a transistor radio, she's got emergency supplies, the TV's tuned to news, things are tied down and taped up - she's ready, goddammnit. And it better not pass over her without taking her up in it.

She wants to get to the Emerald City to see her wonderful wizard, Ozzie. But when her caravan comes crashing down in Oz, Judy is dragged along a yellow brick road unlike anything she expected. The fantasy she clings to with a death-grip turns dark, and she discovers too late that Dorothy and her companions are leading her towards  a horrifying confrontation with the Wicked Witch of the West. In the end Judy will be forced her to face her biggest demon: herself.

With nods to Judy Garland, the iconic 1939 film, Andy Warhol, child-beauty pageants, and pop-stars, this mash-up of Oz feasts upon all that has come since Frank L. Baum  first introduced the world to the gingham-innocence of Dorothy.

The Wizard of Oz  played at La Boite Theatre Company during the Brisbane Festival in September 2013, and toured to NORPA later that year.

Photos: Morgan Roberts

Video: Optikal Bloc