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15 mins


1 M

1 F 

Ann Diamond tries to fit in at a cocktail party in the 1950's. But she's too aware of her awkward shape: diamond face, conical tits and a triangle dress. And Ting-Ting, her embodied inner voice, is only sometimes friend and very often often foe.

After a photographer's flash captures Ann in what she believes to be an unflattering pose, she snaps with violent imaginings of death and carnage around the chocolat fountain, until we are returned, as always, to Ann's defining moment of faiulre, circa age thirteen, awaiting her one-strike triangle solo in the school brass band. 

But tonight, Ann might just find she's not the only one with a pointy face.

Awkward Anthem was first performed by MKA in Melbourne in March 2013, alongside four other short plays as part of Group Show.

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