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My Mother’s Machines is a short play about Timothy's misadventures one New Year's Eve. 

He sees the world in shapes and numbers, likes to draw inventions, and doesn't understand why his mother has made him stay in the makeshift room on the veranda away from the adults. He especially hates Leonard who wears circle glasses on the tip of his nose, has grass on his tongue, and won't let Timothy into the house. 

His frustration is growing and he's wearing his red felt tip pen to a stub when a girl appears from an overhanging tree to try to help him. But when all his attempts for attention fail miserably, Timothy goes too far.

Originally written in 2004, this piece has since been adapted to a short film script while on scholarship with QPIX - Queensland's screen industry development centre. A short-story adaptation of the play was a finalist in the State Library of Queensland’s Young Writer’s Award in 2008.


15 mins


1 M




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