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Written with the support of the Australia Council Literature Board for New Work in 2003, Blood Red High Heels Dancing on the Street, is a play about neglect, attention seeking, and hope, that blends street-performance with theatre. It's the story of Greg, Stephanie, and their newly arrived baby, ‘It'. 

Greg and Stephanie can't quite adjust to their new situations, new bodies, and new jobs; yet feel they can’t go back to their old lives either. They are stuck in a state of limbo, sandwiched between the flats above them, and the busy city streets below. They tell each other how they feel in code, and it goes unheard. Stephanie wants Greg to listen, and Greg wants anyone to listen. 

Stephanie becomes a casualty of the hospital; a chronic case of a mother-with-a-sick-kid. But what is actually wrong with the baby?  Greg turns to the streets; to the eclectic characters who perform on his street corner and always have an audience. With his new friends he thinks he's happy again. But is he?

Blood Red High Heels Dancing on the Street was further developed at the International Festival of Young Playwrights in 2005.


1 hr 15 m



core cast + adaptable street performers

This project has been supported by the  Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.




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