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1hr 40mins
10 F
10 M 


In post-apocalyptic Far North Queensland, surrounded by inhospitable wastelands and carnivore hunters, the small community of Ownsville seemingly thrives.


Founded long ago by a visionary leader after the disastrous Wipeout, Ownsville is as a lush, self-sufficient safe-haven where residents are provided for as long as they fulfil their appointed roles with unquestioning loyalty to the elected Council. This council manages all aspects of the residents’ lives – what job they do, who they can love,

who is born, and when they will die – to ensure the delicate eco-system remains balanced.

To challenge Council means banishment beyond the walls to the harsh Westlands. Out there, in the dusty hunting grounds of the Carnivores, the only safe space is the Pub where banished folk and lost souls drink and gamble. Life in the Westlands is a constant struggle … but perhaps it is better to be free?

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Now, as Ownsville celebrates the 75th Birthing Festival there are whispers of dwindling supplies, Council corruption, and a rebellion gathering strength in the Westlands, stirred up by a banished lover. The arrival of a wayfaring stranger from far beyond their known world raises questions Council cannot answer, and threatens the peace of their paradise.

As long-dormant clouds rumble and swell, forces gather on either side of the wall ... A great wave is coming. What and who will survive?

Bold, bizarre, and brimming with character, this large-cast ensemble piece explores environmentalism, freedom, the quest for knowledge, and the power of people united to bring about change.


There are no small parts in this art of revolution.

Ownsville was devised with the second-year Acting students at Griffith University during 2022, using an improvisational approach to scene-writing and development. 

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