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Max Afford

Playwrights Award


This play has been supported by Playwriting Australia through the National Script Development workshop.

Heidi and her daughter are being evicted. Her brother comes to the rescue, offering to drive them to a cabin in the mountains to start afresh.


As the scenery shifts and the mountains divide, in a series of near-identical motel rooms, Heidi battles with past addictions and paranoia. It seems there’s an unsettling ulterior motive for this trip, but will anyone take the driver’s seat to avert the danger?


A play of mystical mountains and itchy motel rooms, charged with sexuality and secrets, The Silver Alps rips the hood off the family car and drags things lurking out from under the motel bed.

The Silver Alps won the Max Afford Playwrights Award in 2014, and was a featured play at the 2015 National Playwrights Festival.





1.5 hrs


1  M

3 F

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