This hour-long, one-man version of Kenneth Grahame's enduring classic, The Wind in the Willows, introduces families to the beautiful themes of friendship, humility, and the wonder of nature that have spoken to readers' hearts for generations. 

We meet the boastful and outrageous Toad in the Wild Wood, where he tries to convince himself that he isn't lost and isn't in trouble. For his imagined audience, he retraces the adventures along the riverbank with his loyal companions, and brings them to life to keep himself company; innocent Mole, rigid, boat-loving Ratty, and wise, old Badger. We learn of Toad's obsessions with dangerous and reckless fun, his disdain for the sensible, and just how he came to be an escaped convict on the run! 


Through retelling his story, and putting himself in the paws of his friends, Toad maybe (just maybe) learns a little of what he has put them through, and what he must do to regain their friendship and find his way home. 

Stylistically inspired by children at play and the comfort of storytelling under a patchwork quilt, this version of Willows stays true to its roots. 

Commissioned by La Boite Theatre for the 2015 season, The Wind in the Willows then toured to Penrith, and with a re-worked script, toured nationally in 2017.


Ages 6-12


1 hr


1 M